Swingtime comes with its own demo project and application. The demo is themed as a Karate studio’s website and allows you see and interact with the Swingtime application.

Within the Swingtime demo is an app named karate, which defines the custom management command loaddemo. This command will pre-populate your initial database with some events and occurrences based upon the current date and time.

Currently, Swingtime does not include any templates of its own. The demo project provides some sample templates to use as a guide or starting point.

Running the demo

Install the swingtime project as shown in Full project source code. You can set up your environment to run the demo in a virtualenv by doing the following from the root swingtime project directory:

$ mkvirtualenv swingtime_demo
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd demo
$ python loaddemo
$ python runserver

loaddemo is just a simple wrapper around migrate and a short script to load some data into your new database - by default, a sqlite3 database named karate.db - in the root directory of the demo.


You can optionally run the development server to check for deprecation warnings:

$ python -Wd runserver

Now, you are ready to browse to